Can You Snuggle up with Your Kindle?

Young readers talk about Lane Smith’s It’s a Book.  

It is a commonplace on the part of Generation Y to lament that kids just don’t read these days. Most of the blame coalesce into one giant finger that points accusingly at the internet and the many, many gadgets that enable young kids to gambol freely among digital terrains. It’s a troubling thought indeed that right now, there is a whole wave of children who are more at home with Twitter and Snapchat than Tinkle and Superman.

It is precisely these concerns that Lane Smith’s excellent It’s a Book speaks to. A simple (and hugely fun!) back-and-forth between a curious jackass and a reader monkey forms the content of Smith’s book. Without giving away the ending, we’d just like to say that the conclusion of this brief story will warm all bookish hearts, old and young.

For those who remain stubbornly unconvinced, here are Kritika, Malhar, Shreya, Siddharth and Gunjan (in order of their appearance) to tell you why they loved It’s a Book!

Book Trailer Courtesy

Macmillan Children’s Publishers Group.


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