About Us

Torchlight: A Journal of Libraries and Bookish Love is a project (and a hope and a fervent desire) that emerged over one year to create and make accessible a digital space for nuanced, multi-disciplinary, multi-media, contemporary responses to the domain of the Library, in India. It is envisioned as a portal dedicated to preserving the spirit of free thought and the intense pleasure present in the act of reading.

Torchlight is held together, and afloat, by a loose collective of witty library educators and assorted book lovers who came forth in response to a clarion call from the Bookworm Library (and All The Libraries, symbolically) to pledge their critical faculties, individual passions and introspective hearts to the larger flame.

Aarti Srinivasan
Alia Sinha
Beena Choksi
Jane Sahi
Neha Yadav
Niju Mohan
Samina Mishra
Sujata Noronha
Usha Mukunda

Thank you to Prathamesh Desai for the cool design!

Every quarterly edition will feature 3 sections:
Axis—an introduction to the edition’s theme and extensions on it.
Spotlight—people that illuminate ideas
Alt Shift—perspectives that inform, educate, entertain, provoke, inspire

The hope is to read the word—and the world, together. To remember that we are not alone.