Call for Contributions to Torchlight Issue 5, April 2018: Bookish Love

‌So the world may seem to be marching towards doom, gloom and neatly engineered despair. But for many in troubling times, books can hold ways to confront such realities. Hope, escape, resistance, communion, delight. In celebration of books and all they can represent, we at Torchlight invite you to join in our version of Valentine’s Day, April Fools’ and Springtime with Issue 5, contemplating “bookish love”.

Have you ever wished to write/ sing/ express yourself/ fixate upon that all-consuming book, series, library, author crush, fictional character obsession, fan-fiction, bookshelf, the message in a second-hand book, book review, or opinion that has transformed and affected you?

This is your chance!

If there’s one phrase we’ve used and re-used in Torchlight, it is “Bookish Love“. For its forthcoming issue (April 2018) we give you the opportunity to meditate on it further still! What does it mean, for you? How do you study it, celebrate it? What are your personal experiences and explorations of bookish love?

Feel free to experiment with form as well as content. Alongside long-form analytical writing, fiction, poems, interviews, letters, photo-essays, short stories, audio stories, videos, paintings, sketches, comics, collages, and any combination of the above are welcome, in whatever language suits your piece best.

We strive to make this publication as interdisciplinary as possible. Don’t hesitate to write to our editorial team with your ideas. Send us a proposal of 150 words by March 5 outlining what you want to write/create, and the Torchlight team will respond within 2 weeks.

Email us at

Please browse through this issue to see the range and form of articles that the journal invites. We wish this journal to be inclusive, diverse, fair, and responsible in its approach and functioning.

  • All articles submitted will go through a review process.
  • The decision to accept a contribution will rest with the journal team and will be conveyed to the contributor within a month of receiving it. Editorial changes may be requested.
  • Include a brief biographical sketch of no more than 150 words
  • If a submission to Torchlight has been already published, you are requested to declare the publication details at the time of submitting the article.
  • Copyright remains with the author. If the article is going to be republished elsewhere, we will appreciate that Torchlight is acknowledged for carrying it first.
  • We will not be able to pay contributors but hope you will find joy and meaning in being a part of this unique endeavour