Call for Contributions to Torchlight Issue 6, July 2018: Libraries and Art 

Libraries are where the imagination begins. Art is a way for the imagination to take a giant leap forward. We bring both these ideas together in Issue 6 of Torchlight a Journal of Libraries and Bookish Love. Many ideas have been inspired by books and even more are found reproduced in books.

Books have recently become a dramatic starting point for sculptures. Unused books are being crafted into art objects- fundamentally altering their form and purpose, and some of the finest art can be found reproduced in books making access more democratic and accessible. Art in books in the form of illustrations, drawings and comics have been entry points to the world of literature for many people and enabled language barriers to be broken down. Illustrators and artists work with authors and book-makers to transpose visual stories into book formats and open worlds to us.

Haikus have been described as ‘word  pictures’  or ‘verbal snapshots’.  This particular form of poetry  is one way of bringing word and image together to  discover  the essence  of  things and happenings around us in a fresh way. Any suggestions for  haikus related to the library or books?

What connections do you find between books and art, or the library and art? Write to us with your suggestions.

These can be original commentaries, experiences, and insights. They can be long and short; in the form of text, illustrations, photos, video, audio or any combination of these. Think libraries, think books, think art and drawing and share your thoughts with us.

Send us a proposal of 150 words outlining what you would like to write/create. ( For a haiku a shorter proposal would be fine!) The Torchlight team will respond to this within 2 weeks.

Email us at

Please browse through this issue to see the range and form of articles that the journal invites.

We wish this journal to be inclusive, diverse, fair, and responsible in its approach and functioning.

  • All articles submitted will go through a review process.
  • The decision to accept a contribution will rest with the journal team and will be conveyed to the contributor within a month of receiving it. Editorial changes may be requested.
  • Include a brief biographical sketch of no more than 150 words
  • If a submission to Torchlight has been already published, you are requested to declare the publication details at the time of submitting the article.
  • Copyright remains with the author. If the article is going to be republished elsewhere, we will appreciate that Torchlight is acknowledged for carrying it first.
  • We will not be able to pay contributors but hope you will find joy and meaning in being a part of this unique endeavour.